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EntreeAccess is wholly owned by Software Performance Systems, Inc. www.gosps.com

"EntréeAccess allows us to make chain-wide menu changes with ease. And unlike other POS systems, EntréeAccess doesn't require us to maintain expensive server computers at our headquarters. They maintain those computers for us in their computer center."

—Chris Roth, President, Buffalo Philly's Franchising

Whether you're running two or twenty terminals, single or multiple locations, EntréeAccess promises remarkable integrity, consistency, and efficiency.

EntréeAccess delivers Internet-based, client-server architecture with rich POS features, seamlessly integrated with back-office management functions. This intuitive, low-maintenance system leverages the power of the Internet for central control and access to real-time reports anytime, anywhere.

Security, reliability, and ease of operation were engineered right into the system. EntréeAccess supports any Windows XP or 2000 operating system and off-the-shelf, non-proprietary hardware and peripherals. This broad compatibility allows you to exploit the wireless Internet-access tools and other key features, all designed to help your staff provide superb service and you to manage effectively and profitably.


  • Touch-screen with customized screens and graphic user interface

  • Menu planning, full bar functionality, and modifier support

  • Ability to send, hold, fire, and assign seating 

  • Non-proprietary and open architecture

  • Telecommute and internal communication

  • Handheld wireless device support

  • Seamless offline capability with complete data viability

  • Inventory, data analysis, financial, time and attendance reporting


  • Real time information, check on the day's sales, print reports, or communicate instantly

  • Individual access to multiple sites and/or areas and terminals within a location

  • Single source solution, speed and standardizing

  • Enhanced productivity, profitability and guest experience 

  • Affordable with quality support

  • Free upgrades, remote or on-site training

  • Centralized systems management and cost effectiveness

  • Global security and multiple user access levels

Should your operations require additional features or the need to interface with other systems, we are ready to partner with you to develop customized solutions. Our goal at EntréeAccess is to ensure return on your IT investment and to make the process of installation, training and on-going performance of the system worry-free.

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